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Yacht Rigging

Rope Solutions are industry specialists in yacht rigging. We swage all wires in-house and stock a full range of leading brands of stainless steel wire and fittings.

We can help you with many issues you may have with your boat. Below is a list of yacht rigging services we offer regularly.

Please contact us for any further information you may require.

Services Provided

  • Complete swaging services
  • Complete splicing services
  • Head sail furling systems 
  • Electrical component installation and repair 
  • Main sail furling systems
  • Batten car systems: supply, install and repair
  • Boom brake systems: make gybing easier and safer
  • Fabrication of small custom parts from stainless steel and alloy
  • Spinnaker poles, whisker poles and jockey poles
  • Upgrading deck hardware
  • Design of deck layout systems: sheeting, control lines blocks and tracks (that work!)
  • Jack lines, including strong points for attachment
  • Mast fitting and removal for service or transport
  • Rigging inspections for safety, pre-purchase or insurance purposes
  • Lazy jack systems: design and install
  • Leatherwork, chafe guards, spreader boots and other items
  • Painting of spars and accessories
  • Custom mooring lines for both power and sailboats
  • Performance enhancements whether you want to cruise or race faster and more efficiently
  • Boom vang systems, including struts and tackle
  • Winch servicing and supply
  • Rope clutch supply 

Re-Rigging and Refurbishment

Rope Solutions Rigging Services prides itself on offering a broad range of Yacht Rigging services. Maintenance on all parts of the mast needs to be performed to prevent failures and keep the mast in tip-top shape. There are several ways that this can be rectified to suit your budget and needs.

Basic Re-Rig:

In a basic re-rig all wires and rigging fittings are replaced. Attachment points and fittings that remain part of the mast and boat itself are inspected thoroughly and repaired or replaced as necessary. This allows you to have a structurally sound mast and rigging that will support your sailing adventures, whether this be cruising or racing professionally. 

It is recommended that a re-rig be performed out of yacht, however, in some instances, it can be done with the mast in the boat in just one day.

Re- Rig:

More substantial re-rigs are performed out of yacht. This allows our team to carry out checks for faults that may not be visible in yacht. We remove all standing rigging, as well as running rigging. Much like a basic re-rig, all wires and fittings are removed and replaced. Additional items that can be replaced out of yacht include: sheaves and any fastenings that may be compromised with age, and any electrical components that require repairing or replacement. 

Approaching your re-rig this way should ensure a fully functional rig for its next period of service life. Compromises are not made on anything that is structural, moves, or involves electricity.


A complete refurbishment of your existing mast will make it look and function as if it were new.

In a refurbishment the mast is removed and stripped down to a blank section. From here it can be sandblasted or prepared for painting. This allows any corrosion to be removed. Once the components are painted they can be reassembled in an as-new state. New fastenings are also used where possible.

When completing a refurbishment, we also take the opportunity to perform a re-rig. We replace all standing and running rigging. We also replace all sheeves and any electrical components that require replacement.

Your mast is then installed like new and you are ready to go sailing again!

Our team at Rope Solutions are highly skilled and appreciate that every mast/boat is different. We take pride in tailoring our services to your boat and needs. We also discuss multiple options with you, so that you can choose the right service for your needs and budget.

Please contact us for more information. We would be more than happy to discuss options with you.