Running Rigging

Whilst standing rigging is undoubtedly the most important aspect of you rigging it is one of the least interacted with components of your boat. Very rarely will the average sailor take the time to tune the rigging or make any adjustments.

However running rigging (halyards, blocks, clutches etc) is what is used every time you go for a sail. Many different products and systems can be put into use, the tricky part is making sure it works.

With experience and product knowledge rope solutions is able to make sure your running systems not only look pretty but work all the time. From splicing a halyard to installing a reefing system so you don’t have to leave the cockpit we can help.

Services offered:

  • Halyard Replacement
  • Winch installation and servicing
  • Deck hardware service and instillation
  • Rope clutches
  • Spinnaker handling gear
  • Sheave replacement

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