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Rigging Inspections:
Your yacht’s rigging just like any other part of your boat requires regular maintenance and attention. Just because you can’t see a problem with it does not mean there isn’t one. Below are pictures of faults found while completing inspections or re-rigs. Remember any imperfection no matter how small or insignificant it may appear can bring your rig down.

Generally, stainless steel 1×19 rigging has a life span of about 7 – 10 years and dyform a little less depending on how it is used, treated and what percentage of its break strain it operates at.

For example, a 40-foot steel cruiser with wires and fittings that would suit a 60-foot yacht that just sails inshore can expect to get far longer out of its rigging than a sports boat with wires you could cut cheese with.

We recommend you have a full rigging inspection carried out annually regardless of how old you rigging is. Whilst new rigging presents far fewer issues there are still faults that can be found. If your rigging is in the 7-10 year category we recommend you replace it regardless of how it presents. Stainless steel has a nasty habit of giving very little warning of failure so its better to be safe than sorry.

Inspections have to be undertaken on a yacht by yacht basis as no two boats are the same. If in doubt get a professional opinion, remember it is always cheaper to replace a stay of a faulty fitting than it is to have a brand new mast built.

Work Aloft:
With monkey-like skill we are often able to perform many services with the mast fully installed, these include but are not limited to:

  • Replace navigation light bulbs
  • Fix electrical faults
  • Retrieve a lost halyard
  • Leather spreader boots and chafe guards
  • Fault finding
  • Replace and repair sheaves
  • Install television receivers
  • Change damaged stays or fittings
  • Service rigging screws

Please remember that it can be a complete false economy to take on some tasks with the mast in the boat. The extra time it takes and the fact that you cannot work on a flat steady surface can inhibit some tasks.

Please contact us for an honest appraisal of the work you wish to have undertaken.