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Rig Modifications and Solutions

Rope Solutions riggers have extensive knowledge of various systems and products. Using this knowledge and skill we can help solve those niggling issues you have with your rigging.

Examples include:

  • Custom made fittings
  • Halyard chafe
  • Under engineered fittings and attachment points
  • Inefficient running rigging systems
  • Short-handed solutions
  • Ropes getting caught aloft

In this example, a production boat had no more room for extra halyards. The owner wanted to run a topping lift while using the whisker pole. Without having to make major modifications we were able to make this fitting from scratch to guide the line through an existing gap.

Below is a special tang that was made by one of our specialist fabricators. The mast it was being fitted to had just enough room inside to run the electrical wires internally however this didn’t allow for the option of running any fastenings through the mast section. The fitting was designed to clamp around the mast with only small fastenings penetrating the section allowing the centre free for wires.

With half-inch band of aluminium now wrapped around there was no smooth path to fasten the sail track. So a wooden raise to keep the classic look of the laminated oregon section was added so the sail track could simply pass over the top without any deviation.

Simple yet effective, this snap shackle was welded to a “D” shackle to allow easier sail changes on a furling unit. Nothing to fancy but made the job of the foredeck crew much easier.

We have been faced with many problems over time. Some highly complex taking a lot of thought to solve and some simple with an effective solution at hand, allowing the owner of the boat to sail trouble-free again.

Please contact us if you have a problem we can help you with.