About Rope Solutions

Rope Solutions was founded in 2007 to fill a need within the marine industry for a reliable and high-quality splicing service. From these simple beginnings, our capabilities have expanded, allowing us to take on many interesting and diverse projects. The current owners commenced in 2017 and have built the capability for rigging that we have today.

Meet The Owners

Dave Waller


45-years sailing experience in dinghies and yachts. Started business with a view to provide excellent quality service. A lifetime of project and risk management experience.

Chris “Ando” Anderson
Managing Director

Chris has almost 20 years’ experience of working directly in the yacht rigging industry. He’s developed the skills and contacts to manage all facets of your boats rigging needs. He works closely with all the staff daily to direct and support his team. Through this direction, he’s developed a strong team of riggers to service all areas of rigging. Through his contacts within the industry, he’s formed a strong relationship will various suppliers and industry experts. With this we can provide top products and services. Chris has almost 30 years’ experience in sailing. Dinghies, skiffs, sports boats, monohulls and multihulls….. are just some of the boats he’s had direct experience with.

Meet The Team


Senior Rigger






Rope and Splicing


Junior Rigger


Accounts Manager


General and Marketing Administrator


Administrative Assistant

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