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  • Rope and Splicing

    Rope and splicing have many applications that can be applied to a vast array of industries and purposes. We possess the contacts to acquire almost any type and size of fibre or wire rope that you may require, as well as the ability to splice it and make any creation you desire.

    Common items that have been made in the past include:
    • Shipping Ropes
    • Lines for industrial applications
    • Cable pulling lines
    • Balustrade wires
    • Shade sail wires
    • Winch ropes (both wire and fibre rope)
    • Structural cables
    • Lines for marine applications
    • Anchor ropes

    Please follow the links for more information.

  • Rope Available

    Below are extracts from the Donaghys leisure marine rope and cordage catalogue, one of our reputable rope suppliers. Whiles we mainly stock ropes for marine applications we are able to source many others on request. If we cannot help you we will be able to recommend you to somebody reliable who can.

    Braided Rope

    Stranded Rope

  • Braided Rope


    Developed under the extremes of racing conditions in conjunction with the New Zealand Olympic and Kenwood Cup teams, Spectraspeed™ was designed to provide the optimum performance for the competitive sailor.
    Manufactured to minimise stretch.
    • Minimal stretch, slippage and creep
    • Suited to Sheets, Halyards, Guys, Runners & Down hauls
    • Available in 2mm to 18mm in 100m spools
    • Available in Green, Fluro Yellow, Red or Blue with black fleck.
    • Hotdog (2-5mm) available in Red/White, Blue/White or Mottled


    Dinghy Racing is a technically advanced double braid that brings big boat technology to a dinghy-sized line. Used around the world by many top international, Olympic dinghy and small keelboat sailors, Dinghy Racing is ideal for small boat sheet and control lines.
    • Blended Polyester and Spectra® core
    • The core can be removed to make Tapered Sheets
    • Floats and will not absorb water
    • Available in 6 & 8mm in 100m spools
    • Available in Solid Blue with Red fleck, Solid Red with Blue fleck
    • Made to order in Solid Yellow with Red or Blue fleck


    Southern Lights is a single braided line designed for the purpose of reducing weight on board while retaining enough strength to provide for any number of sail and rig control tasks. Suitable for Control lines on keelboats, Main, Jib and Spinnaker sheets on dinghies
    • Blended polypropylene and Spectra® offers excellent handling
    • Very low stretch with high strength
    • Floats and does not absorb water
    • Lightweight and non-kinking construction
    • 5mm, 6mm & 8mm in 100m spools in Green, Blue or Red
    • Made to order in Black or Yellow


    SuperBraid was developed through exhaustive testing on Super Yachts, Jules Verne, The Race, Whitbread, Volvo Ocean Race, America ’s Cup, IOR, IMS, IMR and Olympic yachts. This development programme has seen subtle but significant changes to SuperBraid as fibre technology and manufacturing techniques improve. Primarily designed for use on sailboats, SuperBraid ’s versatility and advantages over traditional wire rope have seen an increase in its use across a broad range of applications.
    • Anti-slip coating on core prevents core/cover slippage and protects core if the cover is removed
    • Withstands shock loadings and accepts a tighter radius and knots better than Aramids
    • Suitable for all running rigging applications
    • Available in 6mm to 30mm in 100m spools
    • Available in White with Blue, Red, Fluro or Green Fleck with Black Tracer

    OCEAN 12 & OCEAN 12 HS

    Ocean 12 & Ocean 12 HS is the ultimate single braid construction providing ease of splicing, excellent round form to minimise abrasion and straight fibre alignment to optimise strength. Manufactured from Dyneema SK75®, the world’s strongest fibre and finished with an abrasion-resistant and fibre binding Urethane coating for long life in harsh conditions of use. This braid can also be utilised as a core with an additional protective braided jacket.
    • High strength to weight ratio
    • High UV resistance
    • Floats and does not absorb water
    • Suitable as a replacement for wire in running rigging applications
    • Ocean 12 available in 3mm to 12mm diameter
    • Ocean 12 HS available in 8mm to 44mm diameter


    Chafe Guard is a protective wear sleeve made from High Modulus PE Spectra®. Designed as a replacement for the standard polyester jacket in high abrasion applications such as Halyard ends.
    • Ideal for high abrasion applications such as Halyard ends
    • Can be urethane coated
    • Available in 8-10mm, 10-14mm, 14-18mm diameters


    Delivering the next generation of double braid polyester, Yachtmaster XS features a balanced and harmonised core of HT Polyester, designed to achieve a longer life and efficient cleating for all cruising and racing yachts. Yachtmaster XS is suited for Genoa, Main Sheets, Traveller, Reefing and Furling systems on cruising and cruiser/racing yachts.
    • Easy to splice, flexible sheetline
    • High jacket to core ratio assisting long life
    • Available in 6mm to 30mm diameter in 100m spools
    • Available in White with Red, Green, Blue or Blue/Red fleck
    • Bulk Rigger spools available on request


    Identical in construction to Yachtmaster XS, Brights also features a balanced and harmonised core of HT Polyester, for longer life and efficient cleating for all cruising and racing yachts. Suited to Genoa, Main Sheets, Traveller, Reefing & Furling systems on cruising and cruiser/racing yachts. The Brights range features solid colours with colourfast dye, to assist identification and aesthetic appearance.
    • Easy to splice, flexible sheetline
    • High jacket to core ratio assisting long life
    • Available in 6mm to 30mm in 100m spools
    • Available in Solid Blue, Red, Fluro Yellow and Black
    • Bulk Rigger spools available on request


    Dockline combines the dynamic stretch and strength characteristics in the nylon core with the abrasion resistance and colour stability of polyester in the jacket, making this the perfect mooring appendage to any marine craft.
    • High strength shock-absorbing nylon core
    • Hard-wearing colourfast high tenacity polyester jacket
    • For mooring, docking and anchoring applications
    • Braid remains soft and supple in long term use
    • Available in 10mm to 20mm in 100m spools, 24mm to 40mm in 50m spools
    • Custom colour options available on request


    Challenge Braid was developed on America ’s Cup and Whitbread yachts before being released into the general leisure marine market. Consisting of a 100% Vectran® 12 strand core (8mm+) with distinctive polyester jackets, Challenge Braid is ideal for applications such as Genoa Halyards.
    • Very high strength, minimal stretch, negligible creep
    • Cover can be removed for special applications
    • 8mm+ easily spliced
    • Available in 100m spools
    • 3-7mm in White with Blue, Red and Gold Tracer
    • 8-30mm in Solid Red with White fleck or Solid Blue with Red Fleck
    • Custom colour options and Bulk Rigger spools available on request


    Vectran® Wear Sleeve is a 100% Vectran® loose weave wear sleeve for particularly high abrasion applications to extend the life of high-performance racing braids.
    • Vectran® replacement for a standard polyester jacket in high temperature / high abrasion applications
    • Can be urethane coated
    • 12mm & 14mm diameters


    In the snakeskin configuration, visible lines of each fibre are distinctive. Kevlar adds grip and absorbs heat from friction. Ideally suited to Runner Tails and Sheets.
    • 50% Each Kevlar®/Polyester Carrier Blended Jacket
    • Extremely hard-wearing Aramid (Kevlar®) and Polyester cover prevents cover melting on winch drums
    • Prolongs rope life when used in highly abrasive applications
    • Ideally matched with a high-performance PBO, Dyneema® or Vectran® cores


    In the mottle configuration, the strand blending provides the ultimate all-over blend, thus protecting the fibres from the additional concentration of heat and friction. Features 50% of each fibre strand blended. Available in:
    • Polyester/Polyester blend for rugged good looks
    • Polyester/Kevlar® for performance racing applications
    • Kevlar®/Vectran® for great handling and control coupled with the next level of performance
    • PBO/Vectran® the ultimate in control and wear for the serious racers
    • Can be mated with PBO, Vectran®, Ocean 12, Spectra®, Dyneema® and Polyester cores


    100% Mottled HT Polyester Jacket. The mottled mix of natural and coloured HT Polyester Yarn adds aesthetic appeal to this economic jacket.
    • 100% blended polyester
    • Fibre orientation maximises abrasion resistance
    • Suited for all general rigging applications
    • Available in 3 colour options


    50% Kevlar®/Polyester Jacket. An economic technical mix to assist heat dissipation areas of friction. The HP Polyester component provides cost savings in medium heat applications. Noticeable enhancement to grip.
    • Extremely hard-wearing Aramid (Kevlar®) and Polyester blended cover prevents cover melting on winch drums
    • Unique heat dissipation through multiple contact points
    • Greater abrasion resistance on high load areas
    • Ideally suited for Runner Tails and Sheets
    • Available in 3 colour options


    50% Kevlar® and Vectran®. Precision’s blend Jacket gives excellent grip with great handling and control providing the next level of performance. Both fibres each have high melt point, low stretch and hard-wearing properties. With near-zero stretch there is minimal milking on the core.
    • Outstanding grip on winch drums allowing fewer wraps making it ideal for sheets
    • The Vectran® yarns “fluff” to provide a greater level of abrasion resistance along with improved handling characteristics
    • Available in natural Kevlar®/Vectran®


    50% PBO and Vectran® Jacket. Silky grip and handling features in the harshest of applications. Super lightweight fibres with rugged wear characteristics. Excellent winch, clutch and cleat performance. This jacket is designed for the ultimate in racing performance.
    • Precise control under ultra-high loads
    • Protection from heat build-up and gives additional wear protection while allowing easing and releasing on the winch drum under extreme loads
    • Ideally suited for Runner Tails and highly loaded Sheets


    Dinghy Line is made from staple polyester to give a soft cotton type feel in the jacket to enhance handling and feel. It features a soft spun polyester cover over an HT parallel polyester core for maximum strength, grip and control.
    • Enhanced handling properties
    • Maximum strength, grip and control
    • Suited to running rigging applications on small keelboats and dinghies
    • Available in 6mm and 8mm in 100m spools
    • Available in White with Black, Red or Blue fleck


    As the name suggests, Dinghy Lite is a lightweight line designed for use on a small craft that does not require the sophistication or expense of exotic fibre sheets or control lines. A single braid multifilament polypropylene line with 8 plait construction. Dinghy Light is the perfect line for low load applications when an easy to handle yet the economical line is preferred.
    • Lightweight line with no water absorption
    • Floats in water
    • Soft Grip
    • Bright yellow colour
    • Available in 6mm, 8mm and 10mm in 100m spools


    Donaghys Ski Braid is designed for water skiing and for towing water toys. This braid has an 8 plait hollow construction and is made from 100% PE monofilaments. Ski Braid is easily spliced and floats on water.
    • Low specific gravity Polyethylene material
    • Does not absorb water
    • High abrasion resistance
    • UV stabilised
    • Available in 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12mm in 100 to 500-metre spools
    • Available in Blue/White and Yellow colour options


    Donaghys Shock Cord is built to withstand the toughest environments. Years of development have produced a quality engineered durable Shock Cord that will consistently allow better than 100% elongation and recovery making it ideal for marine and industrial applications.
    • Long-life wear resistance to abrasion and UV degradation
    • Available in 3mm to 7mm in 100m spools, 8mm to 10mm in 50m spools
    • Available in White with Blue fleck or Solid Black


    Donaghys Luff Cord is manufactured to exacting sizes with a firmly fine woven jacket for insertion in sail luff. Polyester yarn minimises stretch with excellent abrasion resistance.
    • HT Polyester cover with tight pick (stitch) jacket for roundness
    • Firm construction holds shape and resists distortion under load
    • Precision sizing and UV resistant
    • Colour coded cores
    • Solid White colour
    • Available in 3.2mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7.1mm and 8mm diameter in 300m spools


    This general-purpose braid is of Solid Braid/Spiral Braid configuration which gives excellent handling, knotting and non-kink performance. Donaghys Sash Cords are available in Cotton, Multifilament Polypropylene & Polyester fibre constructions.
    • High Tenacity Polyester solid braid
    • Multipurpose line/ lashing
    • UV resistant
    • Suitable for outboard motor starter cords
    • White in colour
    • Available in 3.6mm, 4.2mm and 6mm diameter in 100m spools


    Donaghy's range of multi-purpose synthetic braids are strong, lightweight and abrasion-resistant. They are suited to a wide variety of general-purpose applications.
    • Smooth feel 16 plait polyester braid
    • Hard-wearing HT polyester fibre in supple plait construction
    • High strength and abrasion resistant
    • Lightweight braid with UV inhibitor
    • Available in 1mm to 5mm diameter in Solid White in 100 & 300m spools
    • Available in 2mm, 2.5mm and 3mm x 500m in Solid Black


    • Miracle PBO zero stretch with super high strength core
    • High melting point and abrasion resistance
    • 100% PBO Elite Jacket
    • Mottled White/Dyed Polyester Jacket over PBO Core
    • Jacket colour combination options include White with Blue, Yellow, Red, Black, Green and dual combination within to stunningly identify on deck
    • Bulk and custom lengths available

  • Stranded rope

    3 Strand Silva (polyethylene):

    - Versatile, strong and cost smart
    - Excellent abrasion resistance
    - Floats
    - Suitable for mooring lines, industrial ropes anchor rope
    - UV Stable

    3 Strand Polyester:

    - Strong
    - Aesthetic finish
    - Soft and easy to handle while maintaining good abrasion resistance
    - Available 3mm -32mm
    - Excellent for aesthetic applications such as mooring and fender lines
    - UV stable


    3 Strand Nylon:

    - Strong with give
    - Easy to handle with an aesthetic finish
    - Available 8mm – 32mm
    - Suitable for mooring lines, anchor rope and industrial applications
    - Also available in 8 strand
    - UV Stable

  • Splicing

    Double Braid Eye Splice

    - Maintains 90% of original break strain (compared to 60% bowline)
    - Suitable for double braided ropes that take strength from both the core and cover 6mm and greater
    - Will not flog undone (i.e. halyard)
    - Can incorporate any fittings required

    Spectra/Dyneema Eye Splice

    - Maintains 90% of original break strain (compared to 60% bowline)
    - Suitable for double braided ropes that take the bulk of strength from the core 8mm and greater (ie. Spectra, Vectran, Dyneema, Kevlar)
    - Will not flog undone (i.e. halyard)
    - Can incorporate any fittings required

    Mouse Eye/ Back Splice

    - Used for snaking new halyard through mast via messenger line (mouse)
    - Can be used on any double braid ropes
    - Suitable for only the weight of the halyard and fitting itself
    - Leaves tail of rope neat and will not fray
    - Also good for neat mooring lines

    3 Strand Splice

    - Suitable for all three-strand ropes
    - Maintains 90% of original break strain
    - Any fitting required can be incorporated
    - Eye, back and joining splice
    - Will not come undone


    - A neat finish to various splices
    - Prevents fraying and unlaying

    Hollow Braid Splice

    - Suitable for all hollow braid ropes
    - Keeps 90% of original breaking strain (compared to 60% bowline)
    - Can be used to join and make eyes with fittings in rope
    - Will not come undone

    Eight Strand Splice

    - Maintains 90% of original break strain
    - Neat highly aesthetic finish
    - Suitable for anchor wraps where chain joins rope to go over winch gypsy
    - Loose eye, thimbles and any fitting can be accommodated


    - Tapers rope from cover and core to just core
    - Used for spinnaker sheets and halyards where weight aloft needs to be minimised

  • Yacht Rigging

    Rope Solutions can help you with many issues you may have with your boat. Below is a list of services we offer regularly, we may also be able to help you with other rigging related jobs not listed. Please contact us for any further information you may require.

    Services Provided:
    • Complete splicing and swaging service for rope and wire
    • Head Sail Furling Systems including powered
    • Electrical component installation and repair including navigation lights, television aerials and radio antennas
    • Main Sail furling systems including powered
    • Batten car systems, supply, install and repair
    • Boom break systems, make gybing easier and safer
    • Fabrication of small custom parts from stainless steel and alloy
    • Spinnaker Poles, Whisker Poles and Jockey poles
    • Upgrading deck hardware
    • Design of deck layout systems, sheeting, control lines blocks and tracks (that work!)
    • Jack lines, including strong points for attachment
    • Mast fitting and removal for service or transport
    • Rigging inspections for safety, pre-purchase or insurance purposes
    • Lazy jack systems design and install
    • Leatherwork, chafe guards, spreader boots and other items
    • Painting of spars and accessories
    • Custom mooring lines for both power and sail boats
    • Performance enhancements whether you want to cruise or race faster and more efficiently
    • Boom vang systems including struts and tackle
    • Winch installation, servicing and supply
    • Rope Clutch supply installation and service.

  • Furling

    Rope Solutions Rigging Services can solve your furling problems as well as install new and remove old furling units. We have an excellent contact base allowing users to get parts for repairs and new units at competitive prices.

    Below are links to three brands of furling unit that we recommend. Remember when choosing a furling unit, think in 10 years when a part wears out will I still be able to get a replacement. Below are links to the websites for 3 brands of furler we recommend.

    Please talk to us about pricing and further information.

  • Mast Fitting and Removal

    Whether you need your rigging removed for maintenance or you require it to be installed after transportation interstate, we can help you. Every effort is made to treat your mast with the utmost care whether it is a 30-year-old steel cruiser or the latest carbon fibre racing yacht.

    We use skilled quality sub-contractors for the crane and lifting work that we deal with on a regular basis ensuring all risks are minimized. Masts and rigging are packed up in the most professional manner possible with lots of bubble wrap used and plenty of labels.

    Remember when a mast is packed up for transport it’s not just the trip it has to survive, the people installing it need to know how everything goes back together. Please contact us for more information next time you are transporting a boat or need to do some mast out of boat maintenance.

  • Problem-solving

    With our extensive knowledge of various systems and products in place, rope solutions can use our skill to help solve those niggling issues you have with your rigging.

    Examples include:
    • Custom made fittings
    • Halyard chafe
    • Under engineered fittings and attachment points
    • Inefficient running rigging systems
    • Short-handed solutions
    • Ropes getting caught aloft

    In this example, a production boat had no more room for extra halyards. The owner wanted to run a topping lift while using the wisker pole. Without having to make major modifications we were able to make this fitting from scratch to guide the line through an existing gap.

    Below is a special tang that was made by one of our specialist fabricators. The mast it was being fitted to had just enough room inside to run the electrical wires internally however this didn’t allow for the option of running any fastenings through the mast section. The fitting was designed to clamp around the mast with only small fastenings penetrating the section allowing the centre free for wires.

    With half-inch band of aluminium now wrapped around there was no smooth path to fasten the sail track. So a wooden raise to keep the classic look of the laminated oregon section was added so the sail track could simply pass over the top without any deviation.

    Simple yet effective, this snap shackle was welded to a “D” shackle to allow easier sail changes on a furling unit. Nothing to fancy but made the job of the foredeck crew much easier.

    We have been faced with many problems over time. Some highly complex taking a lot of thought to solve and some simple with an effective solution at hand, allowing the owner of the boat to sail trouble-free again.

    Please contact us if you have a problem we can help you with.

  • Projects

    While we mostly deal with sailing craft when the opportunity came up to be part of a true work of art we jumped at it. Eros is a typical Moreton Bay cruiser and at over 70 years old has a vast history behind it including wartime service.

    In 2009 the current owner decided that it was time for a complete refit of the vessel including repower and many other modifications. When the time came for a new steadying sail mast to be created Rope Solutions was contacted.

    Originally the boat was fitted with an aluminium mast however this was getting on in years and did not have the classic look that was desired. The current mast was made from a Couter Boat rig giving that classic wooden look.

    Like everything else that was done to the boat the mast has to look and function to the highest standard possible. Most fittings were custom fabricated as well as the design created from scratch.

    In the end, we were able to accomplish a true work of functional art that should stand for years to come. Please contact for more information on how we can help you.

  • Re-Rigging and Refurbishment

    The time has come, your rigging is past its use-by date and things are just not looking as shiny as they were. There are several ways this can be rectified each with their pros and cons but all able to achieve a result that suits you.

    Basic Re-Rig:
    All wires and rigging fittings are replaced, attachment points and fittings that remain part of the mast and boat itself are inspected thoroughly and repaired or replaced as necessary. This allows you to have a structurally sound mast and rigging that will give you another period of appropriate service life.

    It is usually easier to accomplish this with the mast removed from the boat however in some instances it can be done with the mast in the boat over just one day.

    Re- Rig:
    The mast is removed from the boat all standing rigging is removed as well as running rigging. Much like a basic re-rig all wires and fittings are removed and replaced. Additional items for replacement include sheaves, any fastenings that may be compromised with age. All electrical components are removed and repaired or replaced as necessary.

    Approaching your re-rig this way should ensure a fully functional rig for its next period of service life. Compromises are not made on anything that is structural, moves or involves electricity.

    This is a very practical option as it allows everything to function trouble-free without getting carried away with things like worn rope or faded paintwork.

    A complete refurbishment of your existing mast will make it look and function as if it were new.

    The mast is removed and stripped down to a blank section, it can then be sandblasted or prepared for painting. This allows any corrosion to be removed making sure no further compromise is made. Once the components are painted they can be reassembled in an as-new state, new fastenings are used where possible.

    All sheaves are replaced as well as halyards if necessary and electrical components replaced. New standing rigging is fitted and the mast is installed as new.

    We appreciate every project taken on will be different, take this as a guide as to how your re-rig can be undertaken. Ideally, a happy medium can be found balancing your budget with the result achieved. Please contact us for more information we’d be more than happy to discuss options with you.

  • Running Rigging

    Whilst standing rigging is undoubtedly the most important aspect of you rigging it is one of the least interacted with components of your boat. Very rarely will the average sailor take the time to tune the rigging or make any adjustments.

    However running rigging (halyards, blocks, clutches etc) is what is used every time you go for a sail. Many different products and systems can be put into use, the tricky part is making sure it works.

    With experience and product knowledge rope solutions is able to make sure your running systems not only look pretty but work all the time. From splicing a halyard to installing a reefing system so you don’t have to leave the cockpit we can help.

    Services offered:
    • Halyard Replacement
    • Winch installation and servicing
    • Deck hardware service and instillation
    • Rope clutches
    • Spinnaker handling gear
    • Sheave replacement

  • Rig Inspections / Work Aloft

    Rigging Inspections:
    Your yacht's rigging just like any other part of your boat requires regular maintenance and attention. Just because you can’t see a problem with it does not mean there isn’t one. Below are pictures of faults found while completing inspections or re-rigs. Remember any imperfection no matter how small or insignificant it may appear can bring your rig down.

    Generally, stainless steel 1x19 rigging has a life span of about 7 – 10 years and dyform a little less depending on how it is used, treated and what percentage of its break strain it operates at.

    For example, a 40-foot steel cruiser with wires and fittings that would suit a 60-foot yacht that just sails inshore can expect to get far longer out of its rigging than a sports boat with wires you could cut cheese with.

    We recommend you have a full rigging inspection carried out annually regardless of how old you rigging is. Whilst new rigging presents far fewer issues there are still faults that can be found. If your rigging is in the 7-10 year category we recommend you replace it regardless of how it presents. Stainless steel has a nasty habit of giving very little warning of failure so its better to be safe than sorry.

    Inspections have to be undertaken on a yacht by yacht basis as no two boats are the same. If in doubt get a professional opinion, remember it is always cheaper to replace a stay of a faulty fitting than it is to have a brand new mast built.

    Work Aloft:
    With monkey-like skill we are often able to perform many services with the mast fully installed, these include but are not limited to:
    • Replace navigation light bulbs
    • Fix electrical faults
    • Retrieve a lost halyard
    • Leather spreader boots and chafe guards
    • Fault finding
    • Replace and repair sheaves
    • Install television receivers
    • Change damaged stays or fittings
    • Service rigging screws

    Please remember that it can be a complete false economy to take on some tasks with the mast in the boat. The extra time it takes and the fact that you cannot work on a flat steady surface can inhibit some tasks.
    Please contact us for an honest appraisal of the work you wish to have undertaken.

  • Custom Machining:

    Using our basic but effective machine shop we are able to custom make various small and medium-sized parts. These parts have included but are not limited to:
    • Sheaves
    • Clevis pins
    • Custom and refurbished goosenecks
    • Small Stainless Steel Fabrication
    • Shackle and Fitting Modification
    • Running rigging items
    • Bushings
    • Refurbishing sheave boxes

  • Swaging:

    Rope Solutions can roll swage just about any fitting for you. We offer a prompt lead time and a high standard of workmanship. We use wire teknik machines which offer a perfect swage every time. Common items roll swaged include:
    • Yacht's rigging
    • Architectural Balustrade
    • Shade sail lines
    • Structural cables

  • Welding and Light Fabrication:

    Rope solutions can custom make various small to medium parts and products out of just about any material you require. The following are some examples that we have made in the past.
    • Navigation light guard
    • Modified shackles
    • Stainless steel furler link plates
    • Gooseneck knuckle
    • Gooseneck T bar

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